Smart Home

Create a full house intelligent control system for those who pursue a high quality of life, Six systems, smart and connected, let you enjoy life.

The best smart is quietly existing and integrated with life.
Nowhere to be found, but everywhere.











Smart wake up, start a new day

Peace of mind, wisdom and security

Remote monitoring

Timing control first step

Easy cooking, safe and efficient

Watching the movie sweet two world

Leisurely bath time

Sleep peacefully

Open the holiday mode and feel free to go out and play


The bedside lamp gradually lights up, the curtains slowly open, and the warm sunshine fills every corner.
Breeze filtered by the fresh air system, refreshing
The song that my favorite song quietly sounded, and I was gently awakened like this.

I don't have to worry about it, the garage door has been opened according to my habits, and I saw my car at a glance.
Lighting and electrical equipment in the home are automatically turned off
Air conditioning / heating system automatically shuts down
Curtains automatically close to protect privacy at home
The home mode has been turned on, the security system guards my home

Use your mobile phone to see what I love when I am not at home.
Interview with family voice through the camera, work together to take care of the family
Not afraid of strangers invading. Someone invaded, and an automatic alarm sounded immediately in the house to scare off the intruder.
I also received an urgent reminder and took action.
Not afraid of exposure. After the light monitor is sensed, the curtain controller will be linked to close the curtains to protect the floor.

Garage door timing automatically opens
Indoor lighting adjusted to the right brightness
The curtains are opened and the sunset is in sight.
The air conditioning/heating system is automatically turned on and the door is comfortable and pleasant.

Light music automatically plays, preparing dinner for loved ones
Gas leak detector for real-time sensing, safe and reliable
Through the webcam voice intercom, tell your family that the food is ready, go home soon.
The candlelight dinner mode is automatically turned on, a little dim light, a table of delicious food, romance is as simple as that

The curtains are slowly closed, and the private two-person space
TV turned on
The light has changed to the darkest
The movie is automatically played, and the loved one feels the warmth of life.

The temperature is automatically raised, warm and comfortable
Monitor whether the water overflows and protect the wooden floor at home
The music is ringing, this is the moment to release a day of exhaustion

The night is shrouded and all the lights are extinguished
All curtains are automatically closed
Electrical equipment automatically shuts down
Security system automatically turns on night mode
Looking through the webcam and watching the sleeping children in the next room,
I can sleep peacefully.

All lighting off electrical equipment off
Curtain pull up
Alarm system on
The intelligent system can simulate the state of someone at home according to the predetermined program
You can also check the condition of your home at any time through the camera

The entertainment mode is automatically turned on, and the lounge, kitchen and balcony music are beating
Music box system automatically plays party tracks
The garden lights are changing rapidly, and the fountains are blooming in the wind, a happy atmosphere.
Control the lighting changes, music playback, by phone, tablet,
Push the party to a climax when appropriate

Part Case

Langfang Menglangfang Cultural Industry Park

Beijing Star River

The theme of "Dream Langfang" Cultural Industry Park is based on the theme of "combined world and integrated culture". It is built around the three functions of "culture, leisure and business" to build a "harmonious world, ecological culture, health and wellness, leisure and holiday, and drama innovation center. The seven major theme parks of cultural villages and acrobatics are formed into a new model of cultural and leisure industry featuring culture as a traction and participation experience, creating the first stop of Beijing-Tianjin cultural tourism and forming a world-class Beijing cultural and leisure business district.

The design of Beijing Xinghewan Project is based on the combination of environment and exterior, the combination of architecture and environment, the combination of environment and function, the combination of appreciation and practicality, and the combination of environment and humanity. There is a garden in the garden, and there is a scene outside the scenery, which has created the modern version of the architectural garden art.



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