Enterprise Smart System

Make enterprises more energy-saving and efficient

Energy waste, inefficiency, not comfortable enough

Problems in traditional office space, seriously plagued administrative operations

Dispenser printer standby power

1 person working overtime to turn on the lights in the entire office

Lighting comfort is not enough

Management confusion, high labor costs

Switching lights should be operated at a very long distance

Forgot to turn off the lights and turn off the air conditioner

Smart management advantage

Scenario smart strategy

Ultra low power consumption

Remote control 24 hours on duty

Use contextual features to automatically adjust to environmental parameters
Lighting, central air conditioning work status, automatic control.

ZigBee wireless communication technology, stable, reliable, ultra low power consumption

Managers can easily master the office whether they are in the office or not
The power usage status of all devices, all power devices are turned off in one click.
Implement remote management.

Company Staff

Administration Staff


Smart Panel

Smart Remote Control

Mobile APP



Smart Lighting

Air Conditioning

Smart Doors
And Windows

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